UNI-Solar PVL Modules - Solar Panel Laminates - Integrated Solar Power

68 Watt, 124 Watt or 136 Watt panels available

Energy All Over Home
Uni Solar Photo Voltaic Solar Laminates(PVL) Modules are the best technology for permanent Solar energy array installations for residential, commercial or utility of any scale from 200 Watts to 20 Mega Watts. The Light, Flexible industrial adhesive backed modules can be permanently adhered to smooth surfaces without the expense and clutter of frames and expensive mounting system. Panels can be installed directly to metal or sealed concrete roofs, sealed wood or any smooth surface.

The prices of these have dropped and they are the BEST solution for smooth roof surfaces because they have NO installation cost. They don't require the expensive or labor intensive mounting and grounding systems that metal framed panels require. The installed PVL panels have been wind tested and certified by Miami Dade county to withstand 146 MPH wind and since they adhere flat on the mounting surface they do not need to be removed for storms or Hurricanes. They are sealed with a durable ETFE coating, are waterproof and can be walked on. When installed on aproved surfaces they come with a 20 year warranty guarantee of 80% output. The initial payback on these panels is less than 3 years but they will be providing electricity for decades.

  • SAFER no metal frames to attract lighting or conduct shorts.
  • Fast Less Expensive Installation with Adhesive Backing and Quick Connect Terminals.
  • UL Listed Meets all requirements for Net Metering.
  • Very Difficult to steal.
  • No Holes in Roofing or Mounting Structures. No Leaks. No Corroding Mounting Frames.

The Prices Below are Delivered and Stuck on Your Roof Prices. There is a Discount for Cash and Carry.

Panel Watts Retail Price 30% Federal Tax Credit Final Cost to You
68 $185 $55 $130
144 $295 $88 $206
136 $288 $87 $201
Complete Installed 2000W Grid Tied Systems around $3000 After Tax Credit!
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