We sell top of the line solar panels for under $3 per watt, Many are under $2.50 per watt!
We even have some that are UL listed and under $2.25 or in larger quantities under $2 per watt.

Energyallover.com is based in St Thomas US Virgin Islands all our prices are for the products on St Thomas. So Shipping from the States is included. Since WE STOCK ON ISLAND a supply of the most common solar components used in systems you won't have to wait as long to have the system installed and if you only need a few Panels, Batteries, Inverter or other components we Probably have them in stock. And those Price are LOW.

For all the products we advertise we have dealer or distributer deals and believe you cannot beat our price on island. And often our prices are lower than the internet after shipping and handling is included. In some cases our on island price is less than the least expensive internet vendors price even before shipping.

We install COMPLETE 2KW Grid tied Systems for under $10,000 before Rebates. Complete Grid tie with Battery Backup for $15K or less before rebates. We work HARD to get you your solar energy system at the lowest possible price!

And when you buy a 1KW+ system from energyallover you get free design and installation support if you want to do the install yourself. If we design a system that does not work due to a design error we will do what needs to be done to make it work at our cost*.

If you have a large system of 10KW or greater we will design your system, arrange for the system components to be delivered and check the system after install to make sure it is installed correctly at our wholesale cost plus shipping plus 10%

We will ship to St John, St Croix, Puerto Rico, Culebra or Vieques for a small fee. BVI residents need to pick up on STT. We will arrange shipping as needed for St Maarten and down island residents.

* This includes things such as panel array voltages not meeting inverter requirements, Charge controllers not having the capacity to handle the current, mismatched component volatges, etc. It does not include system output beyond design parameters, battery capcity or life issues as these are beyond out control.